NEW "Forever Grateful" Print by Ronnie McDowell

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The art print Ronnie McDowell fans have been requesting for 40 years is finally here!!

“For years, my fans have been asking me to do a painting that has me and Elvis together. This year, on the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ death, and on the 40th anniversary of my first hit song, I wanted to do a painting that showed how thankful I was to Elvis for the life he helped give me. When I think about Elvis, I will always be Forever Grateful.” - Ronnie McDowell

Each “Forever Grateful” print will be hand signed by Ronnie McDowell!

Each beautiful print measures 31 ½” x 22”. The print shows Ronnie and Elvis shaking hands in front of the 45 record that became a multi-million seller for Ronnie “The King is Gone.”